Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leasing Agreements

Royal LePage Icon Realty, in addition to being a property management firm, is a commercial real estate brokerage. For owners of commercial properties, this can be a real advantage, as they can deal exclusively with one company for property management, leasing and sales.

Commercial leasing (which is what we are talking about on this page) is something of a specialty field. Typically one of the more complex of real estate transactions to negotiate and structure, well written commercial leases are crucial to a property's success. We have much experience in making "good paper" when it comes to this aspect of a property's development.

Lease commissions are comparable to the commissions charged for the sale of real estate, however there are considerable discounts for lease renewals, in consideration of the work already performed.

Through Royal LePage Icon Realty, our broker, Lou Doderai, is able to offer many fine properties for lease. Please check out the commercial link on this web site to see some of our featured leaseholds.

What can help you as an owner: Commercial properties are commonly appraised based on an income approach to value. Obviously then, the better the lease rates you can secure, and the better the "paper" in terms of the quality of lease, the more value your property will demonstrate on appraisal.

At Royal LePage Icon Realty, we have taken a number of properties over the years that have been plagued by such problems as vacancies, poor mix of use, undervalued lease rates and the like, and along with owner input and cooperation (this can not be emphasized enough), turned those properties into investments worth many times more than the initial investment.