About Our Company

Who are we as a company and what we are as a place of business

Providing Value for Service is our Priority.

As a place of business, we strive to be expert, but friendly and approachable. As the only licensed property management rental agency in Prince Albert, we enjoy serving clients from the many sectors of the economy.

Royal LePage Icon Realty

Combining the Real Estate sales and marketing background of Royal LePage Icon Realty with the Property Management and Rental expertise of PA Rental & Leasing Services has created a powerhouse in the Prince Albert Real Estate Marketplace. Carmen Cartier & Lou Doderai co-owners have over 35 combined years marketing and selling Real Estate in Prince Albert and area. We have retained all the essential staff of the former Property Management company that has served Prince Albert for over 30 years and look forward to helping you with every facet of your real estate needs. Our portfolio now includes property sales, property management and rentals of residential, commercial and investment real estate such as single-family homes, multiplex units, apartment complexes, commercial office buildings, strip malls and industrial buildings. We have an exceptional office staff who cheerfully look after day to day operations and help us provide a wonderful service to our clients.

Residential and Commercial Managers and Salespeople.

Our experience and knowledge base in Prince Albert make us a great resource for investors. Because our involvement with properties extends years beyond the sale on a day to day basis, we aren't the "love 'em and leave 'em" kind. This gives us a unique perspective when working with buyers, as we concentrate on putting together deals that meet investor requirements. We expect, and desire to work with you for years as you build wealth in your portfolio.

Property Maintenance and Risk Management

This is a vital concern to owners and managers. Through our maintenance division, we can provide most necessary services. If a client wishes to use our maintenance services, we provide excellent service at affordable guaranteed rates from qualified handymen. We can handle small jobs and large; anything from cleaning services to replacing taps to renovating an office.

Core Management Duties

These vary slightly by property, or more accurately, by owner. Generally, the basic duties covered by your property management fee will include rent collection, tenant relations, maintenance issue cataloging and reporting, monthly report generation, and tenant placement and removal (to some extent.) When you choose to use us as your property managers, your contract will fully describe the scope of duties for you. Our system provides a fully transparent login portal so you see what we see in real-time.

Other services can be purchased on an as needed basis

For example; securing judgments, arrears collections, property or rental evaluations, insurance liaison duties, legal testimony services, representations to or with the city or health or fire departments, and the like.

As you can see, we have a lot of avenues where we can expertly serve your interests as an owner, or a tenant. In our effort to be a full service property company, we provide the infrastructure to take the day to day and detail work of property operations off your shoulders.